Connecting innovative thought leaders with a global property audience
Unissu and partners have created the first simultaneous global view of the rise of technology in the property market. Meet the speakers, pick up tickets for our evening events or sponsor this revolutionary initiative.
October 12th - 16th 2020
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Connect 2.0 will take place in October this year.

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Connect 2.0 will take place in October 2020.Become a partner for 2.0
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Over 300 Speakers Globally
Panel Discussion discussing important issues in PropTech
25+ Local Partners and 15+ Countries Represented
Speakers are taking part to share ideas, data or research and must aim to educate the audience
Speakers are curated by Unissu and local partners to ensure we find the best of the best, producing over 300+ quality videos
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Over 300 Speakers
25+ Local Partners
15+ Countries Represented
Over 300+ Quality Videos Produced